5 Steps To A Perfect Ring Selfie

10 Secrets To A Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie


Engagement ring selfie is the in thing at the moment for just engaged couples. Although, people differ in their personalities and the way they choose to do their things. Some brides to be will rather admire their cute rings and stay content. The most they may do is to post a happy quote or use emoji.


Other brides-to-be go all out and take to social media to flaunt their precious stones or diamond ring. It is different strokes for different folks, but nothing should ever stop your happy vibes. Take a beautiful selfie of your ring and show off how happy you are to the world.

Whether Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp, these platforms deserve stunning pictures for show. You need to master the expertise needed to take the perfect ring selfie. So here we are, with the ultimate engagement ring selfie guide, to help you take perfect photos!

  1. Pamper Those Fingers

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Before you take a photo of your engagement ring, get you a manicure. This is not because it is mandatory, but because your hands deserve some pampering. Again, if you want to show off your ring, make sure to show it with great hands. Viewers will look at that too, hence, chaffed or hinges nails will ruin the pictures.

Well-manicured nails bring a little more sparkle and style to your engagement photo selfie. But above all, you are a bride to be. Why not start enjoying the benefits of being a bride to be. If you get caught in a surprise proposal, you could pause a bit on the pictures. Go ahead and get a manicure before taking ring selfie.

  1. Lighting Is Everything

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Taking engagement ring photos deserve some good lighting. Most engagement pictures get shot with phones instead of professional cameras. This is because you’re still basking in the moment of an unexpected proposal. How would you know to get a cameraman on standby.

So for this selfie, get your engagement rings on hand and move into the natural light. It is everything! But if you’re in a room or indoor venue, move close to the window. Do not use a room with dim light, especially with an iPhone.

Stay away from bright bulbs and fluorescent lights, they’re not any better. They will do a great job of casting shadows. So for the best selfie lighting ring photo shoot, use natural lighting always.

  1. Find The Perfect Angles

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To make your ring bigger or shinier, you must know the details to work on. Capture the most amazing qualities of your ring in two phases. These include the shape and size of your stone.

If you want to display the unique qualities and sparkles, capture your rings from various angles. They bring out all the shiny reflections and intricate details of your ring. For ring shape, run overhead shots with the phone flash off. This not only impresses the shape but makes it look bigger than it is.

Boomerang is another photo style that throws the sparkle on your diamond ring. It throws shiny reflections on it. So while capturing angles exposes ring embellishments, overhead shots expose the shapes and sizes.

  1. Know Some Phone Hacks

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You can take a crisp ring selfie even without the aid of a professional camera. All ring selfies must be up close and personal. So, for close up shots with Android phones, do not zoom. Rather, move the phone as close as you can to your finger and take a shot.

Avoid the zoom, else your pictures will look pixelated. If you take your phones close and your hand gets shaky, call a friend to help. This helps you maneuver your pictures turning up blurry.

For iPhone users, take a photo of your engagement ring by tapping the screen of your phone. Remember, no zooming or flashlights. It is always easier to press the button on your earbuds when taking wedding ring pictures on hand. But you risk ending up with shaky and grainy pictures.

  1. Your Background Must Be A Hit

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Make the background for your engagement ring photos a hit by going the extra mile. Right now, you’re the director and stylist of your engagement photos, especially if it’s with a smartphone. If they will go on social media, make it worth the hype.

Take a beautiful selfie of your engagement ring at a location with an exotic backdrop. You can also seek out the enthralling sunset, a divine floral arrangement or bouquets. Floor tiles can also be very interesting backdrops for your photos. Don’t rule out beautiful beds with colorful throw pillows around it.

A piece of fabric is also very romantic, so are mystical landscapes and pristine beach waters. There are so many simple ways you can make your background a hit. It is important for the stylish culture.

  1. Keep Your Poses Natural

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There are ways to take pictures of engagement rings on hand without coming across as a scam. We see lots of “cute” poses online and about every engaged bride wants to try it out. But if it’s not your thing, you better stay away.

Self-made custodians of social media will spot a forced “classy” shoot ten miles away. Ring models know how to make their fingers relax to get the best pictures. They can keep it calm to make it look all natural. But since you’re not a model, do you. Be spontaneous with your ring selfie.

Take poses that are natural, rather than snapping so much, just to get the perfect one.

  1. Use Props

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Did you get caught up in a surprise proposal and your nails are not so cute? Or as we all know, our left hands are not always the cutest parts of our limbs. And you’re so worried about how it will turn out? Not to worry, you can still take your photos at the moment. Use props to divert the attention of viewers away from your fingers

First thing, get some lotion and moisturize your fingers in thorough motion. Then grab a fancy mug with your left hand around the handle. Snap snap!

Another trick is to get your partner in the game. Lace your hands into each other with only your knuckles visible to viewers.

The best of them all is the fist bump. Fist your left hand and throw a bump in the air. It is celebratory and shows off your cute rings at the same time.

  1. Enlist Some Help

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It is your happy day and you need to share your happiness with the world by taking a ring selfie. You’re so giddy with excitement that your hands cannot hold up, they are so shaky. Get the perfect engagement ring pictures out there by enlisting the help of everyone and anyone.

Get your partner to take close up pictures of your engagement ring. You can also call up friends around to do the honors. Because the truth is that, your pictures may not turn out perfect if you do them yourself. Get your partner or friends to snap away, while you pose pretty and flaunt your ring.

  1. Engagement Selfie Alternatves

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Not everyone is down for taking a beautiful selfie of their rocks to show off for the gram. Some engaged person will keep their viewers guessing instead. And this is like the popular choice these days. They would rather keep you in the dark until they pop a surprise wedding on you.

Are you one such few? Then, take a happy photo of you and your partner. This will cause a stir, especially if you’re not one to flaunt your relationship.

You could also drop a cute happy engagement quote with a ring emoji on your Instagram page.

Another beautiful one is the picture of your ring box on your timeline. Watch your followers form a queue in your direct message box with questions of what’s going on.

  1. Have Multiple Options

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Perfection isn’t so much an issue as having the best of your engagement ring photos out there. The ring is the object of concern, so take as many snapshots as you can. Shoot from each angle multiple times to get the best of that angle.

Do many poses that will see the quality of the ring at its best. Take many overhead shots which can help to make a ring bigger. If your rock must get out there, it must do so in style. So, having many options helps you pick out the best.

Taking an engagement ring selfie isn’t as hard as you thought right? Mastering how to take good engagement photos is quite easy. Our engagement ring selfie guide is here to help you. From knowing your angles to taking advantage of lighting and all, your picture would be spectacular. One more thing, as you take the perfect engagement ring photos, make sure to relax and have fun.