5 Steps To A Perfect Ring Selfie


It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing the news of your engagement, your marriage or you just have a gorgeous ring you want to share; a ring selfie is only worth using if it captures the beauty of which you’re so proud. If you seem to be having trouble taking the perfect engagement ring selfie, follow these steps and show your ring off to its best advantage.

1. Location, Location, Location

As with any other photograph, the wrong lighting can completely ruin your efforts to create a gorgeous ring selfie. Lighting is especially important if you’re using a smartphone camera; lower light conditions mean lower-quality photos. Seek the sun for the best ring selfies; natural light is far more effective than artificial lighting.

2. Don’t Be Oblique (or Maybe You Should)

Your ring has a “good side”. Showing it to its best advantage means knowing the angle from which it looks the best. Oblique angles work well for showing embellishments on the band, while overhead shots with no flash often work best to show off the shape of the stone.

3. Give it a Good Backdrop

Your ring selfie will be far more visually interesting if you put a little thought and effort into the backdrop. Look for a gorgeous landscape, an elegant piece of fabric or even a cool latte cup. If you just can’t seem to find the right backdrop, maybe taking a vacation to a sandy white beach with a beautiful azure ocean would provide you with the proper setting for your ring selfie!

4. Ready, Steady, Don’t Zoom

If you want a ring selfie that looks like something out of Minecraft, go ahead and try that zoom feature on your smartphone’s camera. You’ll end up with a pixelated block, rather than a gorgeously-defined photo. If you want a close-up, do it the old-fashioned way: get the camera closer to your ring.  If you have shaky hands, getting close can cause blurring and loss of definition; ask a friend to jump in and help you take the perfect ring selfie.

5. Strike the Right Pose

You don’t know how weird your hands look until you start trying to take a ring selfie. Having a close-up of your hand can be somewhat depressing, what with pores and hair all over the place. If you want a great ring selfie, you’ve got to experiment with various poses that showcase your ring while hiding all the little things you never noticed about your hands before you started taking close-up pictures of them.

6. Conclusion

Once you’ve taken a ring selfie you’re satisfied with, don’t be afraid to do a little Photoshop work if you need to (and you know how). Photoshop can help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, hair, and other not-so-flattering attributes if you’ve got the knowledge to do it. If not, be careful; Photoshop can be your best friend…or your worst ring selfie enemy.



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