10 Biggest Summer Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid


Wedding planning is a process that has its share of ups and downs but knowing which mistakes to watch out for can ease the anxiety. We have put together a list of mistakes that can easily be avoided simply by knowing about them. Make your summer wedding a breeze when you prepare properly by identifying these mishaps before they happen.


There are several things to be done to prepare for a beautiful summer wedding but what can you do to make sure it comes off as beautiful as you would like. The first step is to realize and accept that there is no such thing as a perfect wedding no matter what season it takes place in and mistakes will happen. Some large, some small but many can be avoided or overcome with the proper preparation.

First of all, you have to determine the style and season of the wedding.

Use this wedding inforaphic:

1. The Back-Up Boutonniere

Back-Up accessories are a plus in any wedding but many people forget the importance of a backup boutonniere. Taking pictures before or after the ceremony could call for the need of an extra boutonniere. Wilting or frail blooms don’t make the best wedding photos and can take away from the handsome appearance of the groom and groomsmen. The boutonniere isn’t like the bouquet because it is worn throughout the entire ceremony and will encounter the impact of heat, hugs and other forms of contact. The back-up will come in handy whenever the initial is clearly growing tired of its duties.


2. A Noisy Ceremony Site

Summer weddings are often depicted as a beach ceremony and they are stunning. But there are other locations that serve the purpose just as well and make sure that wherever you go the scenery is wedding like and stunning. Remember to assess the noise level of the area as a consideration for your guests. You want to make sure they are able to clearly hear your vows and this will be difficult if planes are flying overhead, the wind is blowing or the waves are flowing. Also remember that as a bride, interference from the wind can cause a major disturbance to your attire and hair.


3. No Shade

Summer weddings are mesmerizing and can be very uncomfortable if there are no shaded areas. Even indoor weddings tend to have guests that migrate outdoors for a breath of fresh air or a break from the noise. Plan on having tented areas in open outdoor spaces if the venue allows and remember to include a few chairs for sitting. Traditional lounge areas with cocktail sets and couches are a nice touch also.


4. Pre-Ceremony Alcohol

There is no rule that states that guests can’t start to party before the bride and groom arrive. Many brides and grooms choose to set the ceremony time on the invites an hour early in order to give guests an opportunity mingle and enjoy cocktail hour. Set a music station up with iPod and speakers to play a list of tunes and the moment becomes stellar. Introduce signature alcohol drinks during this time and remember non-alcoholic favorites as well. Have cute glassware and decorative garnish that compliments the décor.


5. Timing of the Portraits

Don’t make the mistake of scheduling wedding portraits for high noon. This will cast a shadow over the photos that can’t be filtered or removed by even the best photographer. The sun is in an overhead position at this time and can create an unflattering photo finish.

6. Forgetting To Plan For Rain

Don’t rely on the accuracy of the weatherman for the sun to shine on your wedding day. Always have an “in case of rain” plan for your special day. It is better to be prepared and it doesn’t rain than it to rain and you not be prepared. Spend the extra money for deposits on tents and other equipment just in case. Once the day arrives, make a decision on the outlook of the day and move forward in confidence that the day will be great.


7. The Essentials Of Cake Icing

Never fear that your wedding cakes won’t hold up in the summer but there are a few suggestions to keep them perfect for presentation. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight to preserve the design and form. Consider rolled fondant and marzipan icings that hold up great in the summer heat. Whipped icings, cream cheese icings, and fresh fruit fillings need refrigerating and may not be the best idea for display during the reception.

8. Open Bar Schedule

Everyone who’s ever attended a summer wedding knows that the hot sun of the summer and alcohol aren’t a pleasant combination. Be cautious of timing when presenting an open bar and remember to give small servings at certain moments during the ceremony. Cocktail hour is perfect for light wines and mixed servings. Consider serving sangrias, spritzers and beer during the reception. Be smart with the serving selection and make sure to have trusted attendants at the bar.


9. Bathroom Essentials

You want to make certain that guests are properly accommodated and always comfortable by providing the necessary bathroom essentials. They can easily become fatigued, hot, sweaty or drained. Make sure you provide little items such as sunscreen, bug sprays, mints, mini water bottles, anti-perspiring and deodorizers for your guests to freshen up. Your guests will feel great throughout the day and it makes for a more pleasant and freshly scented environment.

10. Relax The Formal Expectations

Most guests will consider a summer wedding to be more relaxed and casual than the couple may like but it’s to be expected. Guests like to enjoy the elements of summer during a wedding by mingling and enjoying the music. Destination weddings really trigger the sight-seeing sense that motivates guests to take in the scenery. Remember the days are longer and you should plan the celebration to flow according to the time of year it is.