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18 Common Wedding Mistakes You Need To Avoid


Weddings are usually a joyous event that the entire family can take part in and enjoy together. However, no matter how perfectly you plan, things can and will go wrong. The wedding planning process is one of the most stressful things that people can go through. You can take some of the stress out of the process. This can be accomplished by avoiding common wedding mistake.

Mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding are numerous. You do not want to make common planning mistakes that will put a damper on your big day. Preparing for a wedding can be fun and stress free if you take the time to avoid common mistakes that many brides and their wedding planners make. If you are planning your own wedding, it is important to know the most common mistakes so that you can stress less and enjoy one of the most important days of your life. Wedding planning mistakes can make your day stressful.

  1. Jumping the Gun on Plans without Considering a Budget

    Brides often get caught in a whirlwind when they start planning their wedding. Do not let this happen to you. More than likely, you will start making plans and end up not being able to afford them. Common wedding plan mistakes often take place right after the ring is placed on the bride’s finger. The first thing you should be planning is your budget. When you plan weddings, you have to take this into consideration.


Goofing on the Marriage License

A common wedding problem is making a mistake on the marriage license. Most mistakes won’t matter such as if you are not sure where your parents were born. However, forgetting to get the marriage license is the biggest mistake to avoid.


    Choosing Respective Bridal Parties Too Early

    Common mistakes also include choosing the bridal party too early. Bride’s often want to include all of their friends, but do not take the reality of a large bridal party into consideration. Pick your closest friends and family and let your distant cousin sit in the audience.


    Obsessing Over One Type of Flower

    You may be wondering whatis acommon mistake made in budgeting. The answer to this is simple. Brides who get too caught up on one specific type of flower. Sure, you love sunflowers, but that doesn’t mean your ceremony should have only sunflowers. When preparing for a wedding, choose lots of different flowers.


    Having a Plan in Case of Rain

    Wedding planning problems arise when the weather takes a turn for the worst. You should always have a back up plan in case of rain. Even if the forecast does not call for rain, you should have a plan just in case. Mother Nature is always changing and you don’t want a freak storm to ruin your special day.

  • Wedding Fashions that won’t break the Bank

    On your wedding day, you want everyone to be dressed well, not just the bride. Many brides spend so much of their money on their own dress that they do not take into consideration the budget for their bridesmaids’ dresses.


    Hold the Phone: The Right Time to sendsave the Date Cards

    If you send your save the date cards too early and change your wedding date, you may inconvenience guests. A bride planning her wedding should consider waiting, but not too late.

  • Too Late for Returns: Order Your Dress Too Late

    You want your dress to fit perfectly so you should make sure that you order it in time for alterations to be made.


    Don’t Skimp on Stationary

    Thank you cards may be old fashioned, but they offer a personal touch that a nice stationary can provide. Make sure that you have enough for everyone.

  • Splurge and Book the Videographer

    A videographer can be expensive, but having the video of your special day is priceless. If you are a smart shopper, you will surely find an affordable videographer.


    Invitation Postage: Paying Enough to Cover Expenses

    Having enough postage for your invitations is one of the common mistakesthat brides make when planning their weddings. A wedding coordinator can help you with an estimate on how much you may need.

  • Too Many Relatives: Narrowing the Guest List

    While you may want to invite the whole world to your wedding, it is just not practical. Keep the guest list to close family and friends.


    Mums the Word on Upcoming Wedding Events

    Don’t tell everyone about your wedding because it may hurt their feelings if you do not invite them.

  • Vendors: Let Them Do Their Job

    Do not try to micromanage your vendors. Let them do their thing. They are professionals and will make sure your special day is perfect. Kick back and enjoy being the bride.


    Count on a Professional No Matter How Talented Your Best Friend is

    Hiring a friend may seem like a great way to save money, but it can also end in disaster. Hire a professional even if a friend offers. Let them down gently, but let them know how much you appreciate their offer.

  • You are not alone and Youdon’thave to be

    You should not try to plan your wedding alone. It is simply too much stress. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. Hiring a professional wedding coordinator may help avoid common wedding mistakes. A professional that plan weddings can ensure that things run smoothly.


    Short and Sweet: Partying Hardy

    Don’t let the party go on too long. Having a party that is too long may leave you with bored guests or guests that have had too much to drink and are going wild. This is one of the common wedding mistakes.

  • Appease Yourself and Yourself Alone

    You can’t please everyone so don’t even try. Your wedding day is about you and your fiancé. As long as the two of you are happy, that is all that matters.

  • In conclusion, making a common wedding mistake can be easy to do, but there are a few things that you can do to avoid them. You should not plan to early and always count on a professional instead of a friend or relative. Follow these tips and you’ll surely have a great wedding.