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Fresh Ideas And Wedding Trends 2021


Are you planning your wedding in 2020/2021? Then you are in the right place. We have collected 30 trendy wedding ideas for next year. With the 2020/2021 will come a completely new set of wedding trends and themes. So, we have found stylish bridal decor, cake, flower ideas and more. Take a look at wedding trends 2020/2021 and get inspired to make your celebration unforgettable.


Photo 1-3: Minimalist Wedding Receptions

Source: Lindsey Baker Photography, Decorus Fine Art Photographywhiteinkdesignco via Instagram


Photo 4-6: Tall Wedding Flower Centerpieces

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Photo 7-9: Bridal Subscription Boxes

Subscription bridal boxes are all the rage and the Miss To Mrs Box is the best on the market.
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Photo 10-12: Natural Decorations Wedding Ideas

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Photo 16-18: Boho Chic Wedding With Vintage Details

Source: Thanos Asfis with Velvet Rose Studiothelightandthelove via Instagram, nvmauimedia via Instagram


Photo 25-27: Fresh Wedding Signs Inspiration For 2020

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Photo 28-30: Marble Patterns For Wedding Desserts

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