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Fresh Ideas And Wedding Trends 2020


Are you planning your wedding in 2020? Then you are in the right place. We have collected 30 trendy wedding ideas for next year. With the 2020 will come a completely new set of wedding trends and themes. So, we have found stylish bridal decor, cake, flower ideas and more. Take a look at wedding trends 2020 and get inspired to make your celebration unforgettable.


Photo 1-3: Minimalist Wedding Receptions

Source: Lindsey Baker Photography, Decorus Fine Art Photographywhiteinkdesignco via Instagram


Photo 4-6: Tall Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Source: galinanabat via InstagramSaya Photographywhite_lilac_rentals via Instagram


Photo 7-9: Bridal Subscription Boxes

Subscription bridal boxes are all the rage and the Miss To Mrs Box is the best on the market.

Source: Gabrielle Daylor via Instagram, Jenn Eddine via Instagram


Photo 10-12: Natural Decorations Wedding Ideas

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Photo 16-18: Boho Chic Wedding With Vintage Details

Source: Thanos Asfis with Velvet Rose Studiothelightandthelove via Instagram, nvmauimedia via Instagram


Photo 19-21: Soft Pink And Pastel Colors

Source: Mimmo & Co, darinimages via Instagramgenevieve_fundaro via Instagram

Photo 22-24: Playful Wedding Decor With Balloons

Source: Big Fish Photography, simone_creative via Instagram, socaleventplanners via Instagram


Photo 25-27: Fresh Wedding Signs Inspiration For 2020

Source: Cornelia Lietz, Ali Bailey, karasvinwedding via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Marble Patterns For Wedding Desserts

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