The key to an amazing wedding photo album is making sure you capture all the most important moments. There are some must have wedding photos with groom that have to be captured, either at a photo shooting session beforehand or on a big day itself. In order to make the union all the more memorable. Here are some variants of wedding photos with groom.

Photo 1-3: Wedding Photos Of Perfect Groom

Source: Atelier KryjakTrent Bailey StudioJ&N Photography

Photo 4-6: First Look Must Have Wedding Photos

Source: Smith DigitalAmelia Anddan PhotographyViolet Inspired Photography

Photo 7-9: Romantic Kiss Of Bride And Groom

Source: Wanida B PhotographerR e b e c c a A r t h u r sThe Hearnes

Photo 10-12: Must Have Wedding Photos With Groom

Source: Kovács FlóriánGloria Mesa PhotographyBre Thurston

Photo 13-15: Groom’s Photos With Family

Source: Michelle Gardella PhotographyLeah Moss PhotographyHeather Armstrong Photography

Photo 16-18: Stylish Photos Eith Groomsmen

Source: Boris Zaretsky PhotographyGo To PhotographerRachel Doyle Photography

Photo 19-21: Happy Kids On A Wedding Day

Source: Bobbi BarbarichFotostudio Zandvoortmagdalena.beck via Instagram

Photo 22-24: Wedding Exit Photos

Source: Photography by AveryBlavou Wedding PhotographyWayne Michaels Photography

Photo 25-27: Creative Wedding Photos With Groom

Source: pepagarcia__events via InstagramyManioros PhotographerEzekiel e. Photography

Photo 28-30: Outdoor Wedding Photo Shoots For Groom

Source: Lallier Love PhotographyBrumley & Wells  Photographynazendefotografcilik via Instagram