One of the easiest ways to make your wedding completely unique and very personal is to incorporate wedding vows that you write for each other.

This act allows you to really explore your feelings for one another while letting your guests see the spark of your commitment. However, keep in mind that no one attending your wedding is ready to sit through a two-hour soliloquy covering every reason why you love your partner; keep it simple and sincere, but most importantly, keep the length under control.

If writing your own wedding vows makes you feel more than a little nervous, here are some handy tips that will make it easier to say “I do” in your own special way.

1. Observe Wedding Vow Etiquette

If you are having a traditional ceremony or are working with an officiant that isn’t very familiar with you, make sure it’s all right to write some original vows. Do not spring it on your officiant; make sure to keep them in the loop.

Additionally, both of you should be equally committed to writing your own wedding vows. It is very clear when only one party was able to write meaningful vows; unique vows aren’t the right choice for every couple. Keep your vows to about a minute in length (this typically translates to about 150 words); don’t be more expansive than that or your guests may become restive.


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