Modern Or Rustic Trendy Wedding Themes To Consider

Modern or Rustic? Trendy Wedding Themes To Consider


Splashed all over Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media sites, creative weddings are all the rage, ranging from the simple and chic to the out of this world. If the time has come for you to begin planning your wedding, check out these seven trendy wedding themes that you could incorporate into your ceremony!

1. The Fairy Tale Dream Wedding

If you have always wanted to feel like you are getting married straight out of a storybook, you’re in luck: fairytale weddings, from Disney-style affairs to wild and magical outdoor weddings, are on trend right now. And the Internet is bursting with ideas on how to pull off your perfect happily ever after.

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2. The Casual Barn Wedding

The barn wedding may be the mother of all trendy wedding themes for the next few years. Barns lend a warm, casual vibe to your ceremony or reception, and they can be accented with twinkling lights, soft draperies, and Mason jar glasses to create an inviting environment in which your guests can happily dance the night away.

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3. The Retro Wedding

The recent Great Gatsby movie’s release has inspired a whole rush of 1920’s fever. It means that you can take advantage of the beautiful and stylish fashions and glittering gold of the era to create a roaring twenties-themed wedding all of your own.

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4. The Home-Style Outdoor Wedding

Similar to the barn wedding, but minus the barn, this wedding takes advantage of the vintage feeling of an outdoor venue, with lots of wildflowers, rustic decorations, and DIY wedding favors that make your guests feel like they have been transported to a simpler and more beautiful time.

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