Save Money By Saying “I Don’t” To These Wedding Expenses


The way to do weddings has changed dramatically over the years and many of these changes have forced an increase in cost. Couples are moving away from the traditional wedding planning by incorporating more trendy ideas into their nuptials. These savvy incorporations could lead to higher cost but we have perfect ideas to help you save on wedding expenses by saying “I Don’t’” to some things.

1. Ceremony Programs- $110+

Although it is quite natural that you’d want people to know the order of service at your ceremony, formal ceremony programs can be somewhat overrated. Almost anyone who has ever attended a wedding knows exactly what to expect. Therefore, this is a wedding expense that can be avoided. A simply unique idea such as listing the order of ceremony on a chalkboard ($20 at Craft Store, Cosco) or an enlarged scroll added to the entrance is also a savvy touch. You may have friends and family that specialize in creative printing. Enlist their services for your ceremony programs at a fraction of the cost.

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2. Formal Place Cards – $80+

This is a wedding expense that many brides spend a great deal of time and money on for the ceremony. Keep in mind, place cards may set the tone of the reception but guests hardly notice them and often toss them aside to make room for dessert. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to return to the old faithful pen and paper with the fancy script to design place cards. Friends and family are often excited to help with the small but important details for the wedding. There are many free design concepts online that could offer great ideas for the place cards.

3. Transportation Rental – $500+

Every couple desires to arrive at their wedding ceremony and reception in style. There are several options for wedding transportation rental and they can all be quite expensive. Limo rentals aren’t the only popular way to arrive at the ceremony. Consider asking a friend or family member to lend their sports car or high-end luxury vehicle for transportation during your special day. There are also other car services that are available for hire to transport to and from one destination to the other without hourly reservations. Consider these trendy transportation ideas to save on wedding expenses.

  • Bicycles
  • Pedicab
  • Wagon
  • Golf Cart
  • Motorcycles

4. Dinner Menus – $120+

If your wedding invitations indicated the menu options for preselection by the guests, there is really no need to create a menu for presentation purpose. Buffet style receptions can be easily accommodated by cardstock labels or servers who give a description of the food as guests visit the buffet. In addition, many people are completely capable of distinguishing between fish and chicken and won’t mind the absence of a formal dinner menu.

5. Wedding Favors – $300+

Social sites are setting the tone for creative wedding favors that range from petite succulents to mason jar preserves. Pinterest is the ideal site for brides to get the most trendy ideas for wedding favors to make themselves or save them  Although these tokens photograph great, they are a bit impractical and shouldn’t be the one thing that guests remember most about your special day.

6. Rose/Flower Petals – $100+

The flower girls are absolutely adorable walking down the aisle. Guests are simply mesmerized by their charm and cuteness. So much so, that no one really notices those expensive flower petals that fall from their tiny little fingers. This is one wedding expense that can be carved by utilizing other unique ideas. Flower girls can carry a single or a bunch of balloons as they walk down the aisle. Outdoor weddings are a great place to incorporate parasols into the flower girl entrance. Add a cute little message to the shade and everyone will be in awe.

7. Engagement Announcements – $200+

Let’s face it, the engagement isn’t officially announced until every social network has been updated. If save-the-dates are in the plan, avoid including the official engagement announcements. This is usually a wedding expense that could be avoided because they’re probably going to be disregarded once the formal invite is received. Wedding expenses can pile on quickly and there can be an exciting feeling that generates when creating the engagement announcements. Don’t overspend on the announcements and use that money to go towards other areas of the wedding planning.