How To Seat Guests At A Wedding Reception


The seating chart is likely one of the last things to do on your wedding planning list and now you’re asking yourself why you waited to the last minute. Yes! This is a tedious process but here are tips on how to make it simple and a success in the end.

First understand that not all wedding receptions need a seating chart for their guests. Casual receptions that are less formal and offer buffet style dinner or a smaller guest list don’t necessarily need assigned seats. On the other hand, if your guest list consist of 100 or more guests, it may be best to devise a plan on where to seat guests. It helps the guests to know where they should sit and avoid them wondering around looking for a table. This is also best when serving a choice of entrees as it helps the servers better identify the location of the guest. Follow these tips on how to develop the perfect plan to seat guests during the wedding reception.

1. Early Preparation

You will be surprised at the number of brides and grooms that find themselves preparing the seating chart the night before or the morning of the wedding. Don’t get caught unprepared because there are many other things that you have to accomplish during the hours leading up to the wedding. Try to have the seating chart prepared at least two weeks before the wedding. The pressures of the wedding will add up as the day approaches and this is one less thing to worry about when it is taken care of well before the wedding day.


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