Wedding Photo Ideas – Top 11 Most Romantic


Wedding is a special ceremony filled with love, joy and happiness. This is the moment where love is brought out to the open and guests are invited to witness the creation of a new family. Every bride and groom want their Wedding day to be perfect in every way and to preserve the memory of these precious moments forever. That is why making pictures on your Wedding Day is so important. Plus it’s a fun way to spend your Wedding Day, so get creative with making your photographs! Below are the top wedding photo ideas that will make your wedding photo album worth envying.

1. Bride’s Gown

There are many variations how to do a nice picture with the dress. One of them is when the bride is looking at her wedding dress and admiring the beauty of it before slipping in it. Without doubt choosing a gown is not an easy task and this picture gives out the feeling of ‘the wait is finally over.’ The gown is hanging on the padded hanger or spread on the bed. This is the picture that you MUST have in your wedding photo album.


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