Wedding Photo Ideas – Top 11 Most Romantic Shots


Wedding is a special ceremony filled with love, joy and happiness. This is the moment where love is brought out to the open and guests are invited to witness the creation of a new family. Every bride and groom want their Wedding day to be perfect in every way and to preserve the memory of these precious moments forever. That is why making pictures on your Wedding Day is so important. Plus it’s a fun way to spend your Wedding Day, so get creative with making your photographs! Below are the top wedding photo ideas that will make your wedding photo album worth envying.

1. Bride’s Gown

There are many variations how to do a nice picture with the dress. One of them is when the bride is looking at her wedding dress and admiring the beauty of it before slipping in it. Without doubt choosing a gown is not an easy task and this picture gives out the feeling of ‘the wait is finally over.’ The gown is hanging on the padded hanger or spread on the bed. This is the picture that you MUST have in your wedding photo album.


2. Mother Helps The Bride With The Dress>

There will be many sentimental moments on a Wedding Day and this is the most nostalgic one for bride’s mother. Proud mother is buttoning or zipping up her daughter’s dress or helping with the veil, remembering how she dressed the bride when she was a little girl.


3. The bride looking at herself in the mirror

This picture should be taken just before the wedding when the bride is wearing her gown. This is the picture that will give out bride’s smiles with the notion in mind that ‘it is only a matter of hours before she gets hitched.’


4. Wedding Flowers

Detailed shot of the bride’s and bridesmaid’s bouquets will make your album look beautiful. The bride and the bridesmaids should hold their gorgeous flowers in front of them while taking this photo or it could be just flowers on their own.


5. The Groom With His Father & Groomsmen

The groom is getting ready for the ceremony. He is so handsome in his suit. There are a lot of variations how to picture the groom among other men but usually the photographer offers groomsmen to be a little bit goofy and have fun!

5. The Ceremony

The ceremony is the most romantic and important part of the wedding. It includes groom and bride walking down the isle, parents walking down the isle, bride and groom recite their vows and exchanging rings; and, of course, the kiss!


6. The Bride & Groom Immediately After The Wedding

This photo pictures the groom and the bride as they are leaving the ceremony site as a husband and a wife! So sweet! This could be right on the church isle or your antique car with labels ‘just married’.

7. The Wedding Cake

What more could be of great importance than the wedding cake that you have prepared for your guests? The shot captured should catch the entire cake from top to bottom, the couple cutting the cake or eating the first piece of the cake.


8. The First Dance

This is the moment where the bride and the groom whisper sweet silent words to each other enjoying their very first dance as a husband and a wife. Definitely, lovely smiles will follow. Do not fail to get this moment. Be there!

9. Bouquet Toss

This is the moment all single ladies have been waiting for. This fun and spontaneous shot is worth capturing!


10. You Mean The World To Me

If you want to catch a glimpse of romance, then this is the picture that you MUST take. The picture portrays the kind of love that exists between the bride and the groom. In this picture the man clings tightly to the bride, indicating that she means everything to him. The best way to take this is when the bride and the groom are not posing for the picture. This way, it would be the most genuine picture.