10 Wedding Splurges That Are Totally Worth It


1. Сhoose A Theme For Your Wedding

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There are many things you could focus your wedding on to make it one of a kind, but you want to choose something that is reflective of both the bride and the groom. Thus, if newlyweds are united by a common occupation or hobby, this may serve as a key wedding theme. For example, for a groom who is a seaman, the best idea is to make a nautical-style wedding. In this case, a white yacht or a сutter would become the best place for a ceremony.

On the other hand, couples who are attracted to fast speed and drive, or who are video games fans need an absolutely different wedding. You can borrow ideas for your wedding from your favorite books, music, movies, etc.
However, in order to find your wedding theme, try to answer these questions together with your fiance:
  1. 1.How big and pomp would you like your wedding to be? Define the format of the celebration you would like most; for example, a pomp banquet, a luxurious ball, a buffet dinner, a fun party or a picnic.
  2. 2.Who would you like to invite? Think through not only the number of guests but also how close are you with them, do you have something in common?
  3. 3.Whom would you like to be? You are able to transform yourself into any character you want, from any period of time – to dip into the world of knight tournaments, dangerous pirates, noble meetings or you can peer into the future by holding your wedding in a hi-tech style.


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