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100+ Must-Have Wedding Photos (Ideas Gallery & Tips)


Photo 136-138: Funny Wedding Pictures

Humor goes hand-in-hand with love. Although love and romance rule the day, it’s impossible to avoid a little silliness. Keep your photographer on alert for impromptu comedy to add to the funny wedding pictures section of your album.

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Photo 139-141: Awkward Wedding Photos

People blink, kids act out, people don’t realize they’re being watched, and – let’s admit it – sometimes alcohol gets involved. All of this can make for some pretty awkward wedding photos. Make sure to keep these though. Sometimes they turn out to be the most memorable!

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Photo 142-144: Favors

The parting gifts you put together for your guests come with a lot of preparation a metaphor. Photograph your handmade favors to keep the record of your stylized message and the official date of wedded bliss.

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Photo 145-147: Wedding Guestbook

Wedding Guestbook photos will help you remember all who attended and how they all made your day oh-so-special. Many brides prefer the traditionally designed book and ink, while others opt for something a little more quirky. Whatever your style pay homage to your guests turning your record into something poetic.

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Photo 148-150: Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpieces come in all shapes and sizes like tons of candles, a little bit of nature, lots of flowers, and sometimes jewels. Your centerpiece is unique and deserves a designated spot in your wedding album. Although your centerpiece may include a lot of colors, you may be surprised at how well a black and white photo will turn out.

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