Weddings may be enjoyable but it means a lot of hard work too especially when you are aiming for perfection. Forget the bridal gown for a while for it is going to be virginal white definitely but the décor and flowers along with the pretty dresses for the bridesmaids is going to be talked about for days afterwards. So gear up and think of great color combinations first. What fun if it is a fall wedding when you can play with all the hues present in nature? Sure, fall means the leaves turning red and a season of harvest. But why settle for the plain, drab brown and green combo when you can think of all the perfect combinations for fall wedding colours? Here are a few tips for you to fall back on.

1. Cranberry

You would definitely like to be unique on your D-Day. So do some research and find out the ‘in’ color this year. Yes, its cranberry, the rich and elegant hue that is sure to make your wedding theme stand out in 2014. Feel free to combine a lighter color with it. Something in the lines of mustard or camel! Forget the staid dull brown please; it has no place in the once-in-your-lifetime event.


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