6 Things You Can Cut From Your Wedding Catering Bill


Each day of wedding planning seems to add a few more unexpected dollars to the wedding budget. There are very few areas where savings can be made but we have great tips to help you cut costs in the catering area. Look for these 6 hidden gems that could possibly stand to be left out of the catering part of the wedding.


1. The Coffee Bar

Of course coffee and desserts are a great pair, there is really no need for coffee at a summer ceremony. Most guests will be dancing and working up a sweat, the desire for water and chilled drinks will far outweigh the thirst for coffee.


2. The Champagne Sip

If you are not determined to have champagne at your wedding, skip the bubbly drink altogether. The cost of champagne bottles are near $50 on the lower end of the price point and sparkling wines can be costly too. Not to mention, the cost of renting champagne flutes will factor in the cost as well. Most toasts end with only a sip of the beverage and it is okay to make it the beverage in hand of the guests at the time.


3. Salt & Pepper Decor

Avoid the rental fees associated with salt and pepper shakers for each table at the reception. If the caterer is of good quality, the food will likely be properly seasoned anyway. Those who wish to have additional seasoning can request it and it can be brought from the kitchen or serving area if needed. A couple of pairs should be left with the caterer and available upon request.


4. Bread Baskets Per Table

This could be another item that needs to be rented for dinner and can add a lot to the catering bill. Suggest having caters serve the rolls during dinner or maybe having baguettes at each setting. Bread baskets are a nice touch but they could take away from the centrepieces or table décor.


5. Appetizers Are Served

Cocktail hour serves as a prelude to a magnificent reception but there are areas where cost can be cut as well. Some weddings have feasts during the cocktail hour that make the moment filling and very enjoyable but remember you will be feeding your guests during the reception. Cocktail hour should last only for an hour and only small appetizers are necessary.

6. Cake Cutting Fees

The fees that caterers charge to slice the cake can range from $1 per slice to more. Avoiding this cost is simple by having a family member or friend who is good at cutting the cake to assist or ordering a token cake that the bride and groom can cut themselves. Consider cupcakes as an option, as they are easy to grab and very delicious to taste.