Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Whether you’re looking for a non white wedding dress or a wedding gown from designers who are always pushing the envelope, inspiration is just a click away! Click through and explore modern wedding gown designs, non traditional colors, and plenty of wild patterns and textures.

Gothic wedding is one of the popular wedding themes. For this wedding bride needs special gothic wedding dresses. We suggest you take a closer look at the sleeves. Gothic bridal […]

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More Inspiration

Disney Wedding Dresses: 24 Fairytale Inspiration Looks

Tiana-inspired gown evokes the opulence and elegance of the Jazz Age. Delicate and sweet; tiers of soft tulle and Alencon lace cascade the length of this gown– very modern with […]

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Maternity Wedding Dresses: 18 Looks For Mom’s

The most popular choices attempt to combine sexy maternity wedding dresses with cute maternity wedding dresses. This is achieved by focusing on the femininity of the bride’s bust, shoulders, and […]

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Wedding Pantsuit Ideas 2022 Guide + Expert Tips

The most popular bridal pantsuits combine simple, clean lines and a high degree of embellishment. These particular pantsuit examples feature detailed lace, sheer fabric that plays with the wind, and […]

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27 Colourful Wedding Dresses For Non-Traditional Bride

Best suited for ladies with dark hair and dark skin, colored bridal dresses in yellow can be particularly charming indeed. The perfect combination for any such dress would be accessories […]

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