Tips For Having A Calm Wedding Day


Typically, you can expect to be emotional and have some very high expectations for the way your wedding will go, but this can lead to your wedding day is a disappointment for both of you. Intense emotions and expectations can lead to arguments, tears and other unpleasantness. You’ve probably been warned endlessly about everything that can go wrong on your big day, but it isn’t written in stone that those things will happen. Being well-prepared for your wedding day and keeping expectations (and emotions) in check can lead to a calm wedding day and great memories.

Lets get started.

Here are ten tips to help you prepare so you can have a calm wedding day:

  1. Ensure that suppliers and guests have the correct directions for getting to your venue.
  2. Assign someone in your wedding party to be an alternative phone for answering questions and directing lost guests or suppliers.
  3. Make sure everyone who has a part in your ceremony or reception is aware of their part and knows what they should be doing, and when.
  4. Remember to budget time to get your hair, nails, and makeup done, as well as get into your dress, take pictures and maybe have a few minutes for a champagne toast with your bridesmaids.
  5. Try on all wedding clothes before your big day. Insist that your groom and the entire wedding party do the same, along with anyone else whose appearance during your wedding is very important.
  6. Confirm who will handle the rings.
  7. Arrange to pay all of your vendors if they expect to be paid after the service, rather than before.
  8. Get all your documentation together and verify you have everything you need.
  9. Create an emergency kit with various potentially-vital items, including safety pins, hair spray, deodorant, makeup and backup accessories such as earrings.
  10. Decide on shoes to change into for the reception (you’ll be glad you did this when you’re dancing happily without aching feet).

2. Rest Up

Don’t neglect your sleep the night before your wedding. If you’re tired, you’re more likely to become overly emotional, blowing your chances of having a calm wedding day. Eating is another thing that is commonly neglected during the wedding; it’s important to have a nutritious breakfast and don’t skimp throughout the day. Ask one of your bridesmaids to carry a few snacks and some water just in case you need them sometime during the day.

3. Appreciate The Day

Your wedding day is a big deal and if you want to have a calm wedding day, you’re going to have to do the prep work to make it happen. A lot depends on your attitude, too. Choosing to handle problems with decorum and grace can go a long way toward keeping the problem small and not letting it balloon out of control.


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