5 Wedding Music Advices No One Tells You About


No matter how much planning you put into your special day, there are a few things that are simply going to go the opposite of your plans. One of the most misadvised areas of wedding planning is in regards to the wedding music. Take a look at these tips and don’t be caught off guard when it comes to the ceremony and reception music selection.

1. The First Dance Song Is A Big Decision

Most couples realize that the first dance song should be a special one that reflects their love for each other. However, many fail to realize that it should be carefully considered in terms of emotion, movement, and expression of love. It’s also okay to have the DJ create a collaboration of special songs.

2. The Magic Of Dance Moves

Most couples obsess over every detail of the wedding day being absolutely perfect. The first dance is special but so is every other dance you share in life. Embrace the moment and trust the process of the moves between you and your new spouse. Dance lessons are okay if desired but so is the impromptu stumble or misguided step. It adds charm to the dance and requires a bit more of closeness during each dance.

3. Friends Don’t Necessarily Want To Be All In

There are many couples who have friends that may specialize in playing certain instruments. Don’t automatically assume that they will want to play for your special day. If you enjoy their music, invite them to share the day with you by blessing you and your guests with their fabulous talents. Give them about two or three months’ notice in order for them to properly prepare if they accept.

4. Sound Check

The venue that has a pre-installed sound system is always a plus for couples as they search for the perfect wedding location. This is fantastic but remember to always test them out prior to the start of the day’s events. The band or DJ should perform a sound check to avoid feedback and other issues during the ceremony and reception. This allows for any issues to be addressed and rental equipment to be obtained if necessary.

5. Leave the Music To The Professionals

You’re going to be so hype on your wedding day that you’re going to want to be the DJ, band or any other music professional in your blood. It’s your day to shine and celebrate, so leave the music to those you’ve hired. Let the DJ know your music preference by giving them a playlist or genre of music and enjoy the moment. It’s also a good idea to inform him of the type of music or songs you don’t want to be played during your celebration. This guarantees you’ll hear the best music without ever having to queue your own music.

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