So, he’s finally popped the question and you’ve accepted his proposal; congratulations!  Now comes the fun part: shopping for your perfect wedding dress.  While shopping for your dress may fill you with a kind of gleeful anticipation, it may also cause faint ripples of dread. Shopping for a dress can be an awesome, wonderful experience, but you may feel you’ve got to brace for wedding dress shopping. Here are some tips for things to consider, helping take the confusion and frustration out of your dress-buying experience.

1. Consider Pricing First

Before you ever get to the point of finding bridal shops in your area, you should be deciding on your budget for your dress. Once you get to the bridal shop, make sure your consultant or salesperson knows your price range so that you won’t be subjected to finding the perfect dress that you absolutely adore, except that it costs five times more than you can afford to spend.


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