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36 Ideas For Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration


The perfect way to create bridal look that will be good for you is to bring your favorite styles picture to your wedding stylist. Side braids, updos with loose curls, voluminous half-up half-down hairstyles are extremely trendy this year for bohemian and romantic style. Low bun look can also be swept up for an elegant, regal look. Tender, soft, and always stylish, wedding hairstyles are great for showing off the neckline of your dress, some gorgeous earrings or a beautiful neckpiece. Hope, you will find your wedding hairstyle inspiration.


Photo 1-3: Romantic Updos With Loose Curls

Source:, cathughesxo via Instagram, Bride’s Room

You have to see perfect wedding hairstyles ideas from Pinterest!


Photo 4-6: Braided Wedding Hair Ideas

Source:, Chiali Meng, Nicole Drège


Photo 7-9: Blossom Wedding Hairstyles

Source: braidsandbouquets via Instagram, Fashion Hairstylist, angelanunnink via Instagram


Photo 10-12: Tender Low Bun Ideas

Source: Fashion Hairstylist, caraclyne.bridal via Instagram, archstyle_ via Instagram


Photo 13-15: Half Up Half Down

Source: anahhair via Instagram, hair_by_pustovalova via Instagram, anahhair via Instagram

Photo 16-18: Voluminous Half-Up Half-Down Hairdos

Source: lyubov_nevskaj via Instagram, lesya_beauty_pro via Instagram, lyubov_nevskaj via Instagram


Photo 19-21: Enchanting Hairstyles With Accessories

Source: india_tiarasytocados via Instagram, hairbyhannahtaylor via Instagram, Fashion Hairstylist

Photo 22-24: Gorgeous Curly Hair Ideas

Source: Bel Aire Bridal, Jess Wilcox, facetimebeauty via Instagram


Photo 25-27: Elegant Waves For Stylish Brides

Source: pyzhik_anastasia via Instagram, Carlos Hernández Photography, oksana_sergeeva_stilist via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Boho Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration

Source: Bel Aire Bridal, Brooke Klay, beyondtheponytail via Instagram


Photo 31-33: Wedding Updo Ideas For Elegant Look

Source: Hair and Makeup by Steph, antonina_romanova via Instagram, hairspray_studio via Instagram

Photo 34-36: Beautiful Ideas With Gentle Flowers In Hair

Source: Anna Marie Killian via Instagram, Jennifer Nieman via Instagram, Photographer Jen Huang via Instagram