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42 Boho Inspired Unique And Creative Wedding Hairstyles


Photo 1-6: Unique And Gorgeous Hairstyles For Long Hair

Messy braids are always a great option for long-haired brides, but we suggest kicking it up a notch with some unique and precise strand work. Particularly these photos have the perfect balance of down-to-earth ornately beautiful on full display.
Thus, book some extra time at the salon to put one of these stunning hairdos together for your big day, which matches perfectly with long sleeves, crocheted patterns, and bare feet in the sand. Creative brides will have a blast bringing their own designs to their hair and makeup artists.

Ponytail – a wavy and voluminous messy ponytail adds texture and highlights to get that sunkissed, windblown romantic look.
Fishbone braid – one of the most romantic unique haircuts, reminiscent of Rapunzel in her high tower. All you need is to add flowers to create your own personal version of ‘Happily ever after’
Sexy Curls – there is no other hairstyle with long hair, that would be just as feminine. Can long, flowing curls be unique? Well, of course! Try ombre or balayage coloring to look truly special.
Braid a Messy Bun – the messier the better, and don’t forget to add an accessory: a pin or a headband.

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