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Wedding cakes and desserts are an important part of any wedding. Browse our category for the best wedding cake ideas, wedding cake designs, wedding cakes galleries, and more. Here you can find a great collection of simple wedding cakes design, wedding cakes themes, wedding cakes models, and cake toppers.

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9 Best Summer Wedding Cake Images In 2019

Summer is the time for outdoor events and celebrations, with themes that reflect the colourfulness and laid back vibe of the season. This is why, lots of summer weddings consider […]

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10 Wedding Cake Alternatives That Wow In 2019

If you would prefer to personalize your wedding down to the tee and that involves having a cake that is not a cake. Aka, your wedding cake is not a […]

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15 Tropical Wedding Cake Trends

Bright, colorful and unusual, this is exactly how a tropical wedding cake should be. Tropical leaves and flowers, fruits and unusual cake toppers will help the confectioner in its design. […]

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15 Wedding Cake Ideas That’ll Wow Your Guests

When thinking about wedding cake designs, some couples want nothing to do with the ordinary. They prefer to find something new, trendy and out of this world. Some others prefer […]

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