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Wedding cakes and desserts are an important part of any wedding. Browse our category for the best wedding cake ideas, wedding cake designs, wedding cakes galleries, and more. Here you can find a great collection of simple wedding cakes design, wedding cakes themes, wedding cakes models, and cake toppers.

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39 Elegantly Colored Wedding Cakes

If you will choose certain color palette for you wedding you will need a cake to match that colors. Your day will be filled with elegance that will make for […]

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45 Creative Non-Traditional Wedding Dessert Ideas

If you aren’t a fan of traditional wedding cake or you just can’t choose one perfect cake for your wedding, you can choose non-traditional wedding desserts. People are looking beyond […]

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36 Wedding Cake Alternatives To Save Cash

If you want some new ideas and not interested in traditional all white weddings we are here to help! Lately it began popular to arrange non-traditional events. Wedding is your […]

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36 Fall Wedding Cakes That WOW

Fall wedding cakes with fruits and golden leaves make a connection with the autumn season. Last berries and flowers talks us about ending of this beautiful time of the year. […]

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