tips for getting your dream engagement ring

5 Tips For Getting Your Dream Engagement Ring


If you are the type of person who wants to have a hand in the selection of your unique engagement ring, you should consider a way to communicate your desires to your soon-to-be fiance before the question is popped. From creatively coy to simple and obvious, here are some techniques for making sure that you get the ring that you desire:

1. Be Subversive

Leaving clues out for your fiance-to-be can offer instruction without having to address the concept of engagement rings directly. You can have conversations about rings with your friends within earshot of your partner, or casually dog-ear pages in magazines with approved ring designs on them. With this technique, however, you do need to be careful – if your future spouse isn’t very receptive to this sort of suggestion, you may find yourself doing a lot of work for nothing.


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