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67 TOP Engagement Ring Ideas


Unique Wedding Bands

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Unique wedding bands will suit adventurous girls, who appreciate originality.

A destination proposal? Why not! Try Mexica or Maldives – soft white sand, swaying palm trees and turquoise waters under the limitless blue skies… A perfect start for you ‘Happily ever after’!

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Simple Bridal Rings

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‘Simple’ doesn’t mean ‘boring’. Sometimes less is more! If your bride-to-be is into minimalism, she will love simple, but stylish proposal.

Choose a beautiful garden with blooming flowers and hire musicians. If there are no blooming gardens available nearby, a picnic on a seaside or a river bank will do just fine.

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Top Wedding Ring Sets

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More and more top jewelers for engagement rings make bridal sets instead of two separate rings. The band should match the ring perfectly. Practical girls will love this combo.

When you have the full set, you are ready for the destination wedding! Elope to Bora-bora for a romantic beach wedding!

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Two breathtaking wedding bands (one on each side) fit so perfect to center engagement ring (Photo 2: Ring + Band).


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