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We are happy to present you the best of Eidel Precious, a truly unique collection of one of a kind engagement rings, wedding and bridal sets, and anniversary rings. These gorgeous rings are enough to make any girl’s heart skip a beat. Breathtaking blue sapphires, stunning peach gemstones – with a ring like that she will definitely say ‘yes’.

Rings at www.sapphireengagementrings.com will be the perfect choice for your engagement. Eidel Precious engagement rings and wedding sets come in a beautiful wooden or leather gift box. Sparkling stones, sapphires, diamonds, all created with elegant design – these amazing rings would make any girl feel like royalty. Yes, an engagement ring from Eidel Precious is worthy of a princess.

It is a ring to pass from generation to generation, a true masterpiece among jewels. Show her your love and devotion with a ring of a stunning beauty from Eidel Precious. They say that diamonds are forever – and so is your love. Find all Eidel Precious engagement rings and beautiful jewelry: www.sapphireengagementrings.com

Floral Style Wedding Rings With Sapphires

There’re some original rings as well, like this unique snowflake engagement ring (Photo 1) with accented peach sapphire. Get her a fairytale engagement ring (Photo 2) with a snowflake peach sapphire. Or make her happy with a blue snowflake ring with gorgeous halo and accented blue sapphire (Photo 3).

Vintage Engagement Rings For Sophisticated Girls

If you like vintage, you’ll appreciate this rose gold engagement ring (Photo 1) with square peacock sapphire in diamond halo. Pay attention to a fantastic pomegranate sapphire engagement ring (Photo 2) with pave band. A real princess will look even more royal with this stunning ring (Photo 3) with 2.75ct peacock sapphire, blue diamonds in rose gold.

 Stunning Halo Engagement Rings

Teal sapphire engagement ring (Photo 1) – take a look at this sparkling 2.51ct sapphire set in gold diamond setting. Peach sapphire engagement ring (Photo 2) – this beautiful ring will make any woman happy with a natural sapphire in gorgeous peach champagne color. Enchant her with this amazing engagement ring (Photo 3) oval champagne sapphire ring in rose gold.

Peach & Pink Sapphires Engagement Rings

Your fiancee is definitely fall in love with this marvellous Dusty peach sapphire engagement ring (Photo 1). Breathtaking halo engagement ring in rose gold with an oval cut sapphire (Photo 2). Emerald peach sapphire (Photo 3) – this stunning ring features a natural non-treated sapphire in gorgeous white/light pink shade that change its color depending on the lightening.

Pear Shaped Colored Sapphires Engagement Rings

Matcha Green Sapphire engagement ring (Photo 1) – the ring features 2.36ct Green Tea natural untreated sapphire. Take a look at a rose gold engagement ring with peacock blue green sapphire (Photo 2) and an elegant diamond setting. A sparkling 1.8ct white sapphire in this rose gold engagement ring (Photo 3) is sure to melt her heart.

Tender Rose Gold Rings With Solitaire Sapphire

Maybe you will choose a beautiful champagne diamond engagement ring with natural diamonds (Photo 1). The next engagement ring (Photo 2) is a set with a gorgeous lavender peach sapphire. This unique color change sapphire ring (Photo 3) with diamonds in rose gold will be a proof that your love is eternal.

Unique Engagement Rings That Inspire

There’re some original rings as well, like this unique pink sapphire engagement ring (Photo 1) with accented pink sapphires. Get her a fairytale engagement ring (Photo 2) with a breathtaking deep blue sapphire. Or make her happy by presenting her a breathtaking ring with gorgeous round cut sapphire and beautiful pave band (Photo 3).


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Amazing Round & Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

She will fall in love with this unique flower engagement ring (Photo 1) with a light pink diamond. Get her an amazing engagement ring in white gold (Photo 2) with a breathtaking champagne sapphire. You will make her so happy with this rose gold hexagon ring (Photo 3) with an ice blue sapphire.


Radiant & Emerald Cut Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Look at this fantastic engagement ring (Photo 1) with breathtaking blue sapphire. Tender girls will love this engagement ring in rose gold (Photo 2) with champagne sapphire. This is a simple and so amazing radiant cut ring (Photo 3) with blue green sapphire.

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Oval Cut Sapphire Engagement Rings

Take a look at this romantic engagement ring (Photo 1) leashed with deep blue sapphire. She will say “Yes!” to this engagement ring (Photo 2) with peacock green blue sapphire. This stylish apricot sapphire ring (Photo 3) will melt her heart.

Solitaire Engagement Rings With Sapphires

You will inspire her even more with this engagement ring (Photo 1) in white gold. This feminine rose gold engagement ring (Photo 2) was created for tender girls. You will fire up her heart with this yellow gold ring (Photo 3) with a blue-green sapphire.

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