Ring trends change every year. Jewellery has always been the shortest cut to a girl’s heart. Well, in that case here is your ultimate guide to 2018 best engagement rings. Only hottest engagement ring trends! Every single ring of these beautifully handcrafted works of art will make her heart melt. Make her say ‘yes’!

Photo 1-6: Engagement Ring Trends: Romantic Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Source: Zenpirlanta, Zenpirlanta, Zenpirlanta
Source: Parade Jewellers, Ajb Jewelry, Zizov Diamonds

Rose gold is back in fashion once again. Its warm delicate color will tell her about your feelings, and make her say ‘yes’. Great engagement ring to start a new family tradition! Rose gold engagement rings are modern and vintage in feel at once.

Their delicate rose shade comes from an alloy of gold and copper and takes its roots with the earliest jewelry artisans. The old trend returns in 2018 as one of the most powerful ones. Rose gold is becoming more and more popular once again, gaining power with each passing year. The style and beauty of a rose gold engagement ring are beyond comparison.

Photo 7-12: Timeless Simple Rings

Source: Joe Escobar Diamonds, Ajb Jewelry, Blue Nile Diamond
Source: Zenpirlanta, Parade Jewellers, Zenpirlanta

Simplicity and elegance: a classic solitaire setting is timeless. The year doesn’t matter – rings with one center diamond have always been the most popular style for engagement rings. A solitaire is an ageless all-time classic, which never gets old.

A plain metal band and the center diamond – no distraction, pure beauty of the stone. Just take a look at these magnificent rings and their centerpiece stone! Such a simple setting allows the diamond to shine brightly in all of its striking beauty. The centerpiece diamond sparkles brightly, making this kind of ring a perfect sign of your love and commitment.

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