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Voted best bridal brand and the most preferred jewelry designer, Gabriel & Co. engagement rings are some of the most thought after gems. Incredibly beautiful rings come in different styles from timeless classics to fashion-forward designs.

Impeccable artistry with enduring technology to make every moment perfect and unforgettable. Each piece is hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail, every stone is perfectly matched to the band. Dazzling halo and eye-catching three stone engagement rings will win the heart of your beloved once and for all. Look at the gallery and get inspiration! Best ring photos and videos by Gabriel & Co.

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Vintage Engagement Rings

Montgomery (Collage: photo 1) engagement ring in 14k white gold and stunning center stone. Also, vintage halo engagement ring Theresa (Collage: photo 2) in 14k white gold and gear round diamond. Excellent ring set: vintage halo engagement ring Corinne (Collage: photo 3) in 14k white gold with an emerald cut diamond and stunning stackable rings. Breathtaking vintage diamond engagement ring crafted from rich white gold, featuring an exquisite halo with engraved details (Photo 2). Celia (Photo 3) engagement ring with a center diamond is a real luxury by Gabriel & Co.

Classic Engagement Rings

Matilda (Photo 1) is a stunning white gold classic engagement ring with a crown diamond. Incredible Ambrosia (Photo 2) 14K white gold princess cut engagement ring will win a heart of your girl. Reed (Photo 3) is a 14K white gold contemporary engagement ring with amazing details.

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Pave Band Engagement Rings

Florence (Photo 1) is an inspiring white gold engagement ring with a breathtaking diamond pave band. Another incredible white gold round cut engagement ring (photo 2) will inspire your girl to say “Yes!”. This (Photo 3) is an amazing 14K white gold round cut engagement ring with outstanding halo.

Incredible Three Stones Engagement Rings

Liana (Photo 1) ring is featured here in white gold with a trio of round cut halo diamonds. You will love a gorgeous Lorena (Photo 2) three diamonds halo engagement ring in 18k white gold, and this stunning Andrea (Photo 3) three diamond halo engagement ring in white gold.

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Round Cut Classics

Amazing Camellia (Collage: Photo 1) in white gold with oval double diamond halo. Also, gorgeous Zaira (Collage: Photo 2) engagement ring in distinctive freeform, crafted from a unique mix of white and pink gold. The unique triple threat 18k engagement ring with white and pink gold bands and incredible diamond halo (Photo 2). The original NOVA (Photo 3) engagement ring designed in white gold with a round cut diamond.

Amazing Halo Engagement Rings

An elegant engagement ring on Photo 1 features a split shank band. On Photo 2 you’ll find a breathtaking halo engagement ring in white gold with a princess cut diamond. These stunning double diamond halos all adorned with round pave diamonds to add even more brilliance (Photo 3: Ring1, Ring 2, Ring 3).

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Beautifully Diamond Engagement Rings

Luciana (Photo 1) is a fabulous 14K vintage engagement ring in white gold with round diamond. Unforgettable Beau (Photo 2) diamond engagement ring with stunning halo in white gold. Berry (Photo 3) yellow and white engagement ring with unique design and round contemporary diamond.

Beautifully Unique Rings

Nisha (Photo 1) is a unique engagement ring with stunning center round diamond and amazing pave band.  Fashion engagement rings in white gold with round cut diamond and split shank (Photo 2). One more totally unique 14K white gold twisted diamond ladies’ ring (Photo 3)


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