Choosing The Right Wedding Dress For Your Body Type


If you’re stuck choosing your wedding dress because you can’t figure out the best style of dress for your body type, there are some important things to keep in mind while you’re shopping. From fabric to cut and beyond, here are some tips for finding your perfect dress. Read on to find out what wedding dress for your body type works the best…

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1. Dresses For Pear-Shaped Brides

If you’re a lady who flaunts a pear shape, the perfect wedding dress for your body type flares in a stylish A formation.  The skirt should drape in a natural flare from a natural waistline all the way to the floor. This design helps to highlight your slimmer areas, such as your midsection, while providing a nice line that doesn’t focus on your thighs and hips. Try fabrics that have a little more heft, like taffeta or duchesse satin; stiffer fabrics don’t cling like lighter fabrics will. Spaghetti straps and necklines in a V shape will also help accentuate your upper body.


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