Useful Rules How To Dance At A Wedding For Everyone

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Every wedding is a time to celebrate love, relationships, and bonds. So whether you’re showing up as a couple or a guest, there’d be lots of dancing. From the reception entrance to the first dance, and down to the audience, the party continues. So what happens if you didn’t take dance classes or know to dance at a wedding?

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Don’t fret because we’ll show you how to dance at a wedding guest or couple in this post.

How To Dance At A Wedding Reception

At the wedding reception, people are most times in pairs.


So let’s run through how to dance at a wedding reception.

  1. The basic dance
    When you hear good wedding songs, the first thing to pick is the rhythm. If the song is slow, move slowly with your partner. And if the song is fast, change into a fast dance. The bottom line is that you keep moving according to the rhythm. It may take a little practice, but it’s achievable.
    The basic dance step involves a leader and a follower. The leader has their right hand placed on the left scapula of their partner. The posture will see the right elbow pointed upwards and outwards to the right.
    The follower will place their left arm on the lifted right forearm of the leader, with hands-on their biceps. The free hands of both partners will stay clasped as they move to the rhythm.
  2. Perfect a stunning entrance
    The entrance you choose sets the tone of the whole dance. This is what makes it more important than the closing part. So pick an elegant entrance that works with the wedding stage and the sequence of songs you’ll dance to.
  3. Add some spice
    With your entrance decided, think of a way to switch up your routine. You don’t need to do anything complicated. Try the waltz box, right turn, under arm-twist, and other cute styles that will leave the guests in awe.
  4. The dip
    No couple dance should end without a dip. This brings the performance to an end and makes for beautiful shots.
  5. Choose your songs
    If you’re the couple, it’s necessary you choose only your best songs for the dance. Songs that resonate with your relationship. They will help you get lost in each other, bask at the moment while executing precise steps.


How To Dance At A Wedding As A Guest

Are you attending a wedding as a guest and you don’t know the first thing about dancing? It may take some practice, but we’ve got some tips about how to dance at a wedding as a guest.

  1. Do the upward groove
    This move looks like you’re pulling up your pants. Put both hands close to your leg and pull up imaginary pants. Do it for both legs two times each.
  2. Swing hips back and forth
    Rock your hips back and forth so that your body rolls back as your hips go forward. When you move your body forward, you should be on your toes. And when you move your body backward, you should be on your heels.
  3. Foot lift
    Lift your foot with your knee bent so that your upper body meets your lower body. Also, send your leg forward and lean back.
    Combine all these moves to make a patterned rhythm on the dance floor.


How To Dance At A Wedding Reception For Men

A lot of guys are born dancers, but some don’t know how to dance. If you’re part of the latter, here’s how to dance at a wedding reception for men.
For a casual dance, there are three steps:

  1. The foot tap
    Tap your right foot in rhythm twice, and do the same for your left foot. Go in a sequence like that until it forms a beautiful beat.
  2. Rocking the upper body
    Tighten your abdominal muscles and flex your upper body to the front and back. Once to the front and once to the back.
  3. Leaning from side to side
    Learn from one side to the next with a break when you fall back. Rest your weight on your lower back and then move to the opposite side.
    Combine these threw steps to get the perfect men’s dance. Tap left foot twice, right foot twice, rinse and repeat. Lean back once, lean front once, and move to the side and then the opposite side. Merging these moves form a rhythm that will keep you going on the dance floor.
    This dance stops you from looking like a fool on the dancefloor. You can also throw in some random moves to spice up your dance.


How To Dance At A Wedding Without A Partner

If you want to know how to dance at a wedding as a guest, here are a few useful tips to follow.

  1. Understand the music
    Every music has lyrics that make it unique. Listen and study the music to understand the lyrics. This will help you know the steps to use at certain points. For instance, a part of the song may say “hop,” or “hold me.” Knowing the lyrics helps you perform these appropriate gestures which can add spice to your dance.
  2. Watch others
    If you notice a person that keeps digging it because they know what they are doing, take lessons. Watch them and maybe mimic their steps if you can. If you find it difficult to mimic them, create your own version from what they do.
  3. Make body movement
    While we move our legs to rhythm, our bodies must cooperate to achieve dance perfection. Knowing how to dance at a wedding and not look ridiculous means your feet and body must be in sync.
  4. Shadow train
    Shadow training is very important. Learning how to dance at a wedding solo means you must master your footwork. You must also perfect your lead or follow techniques, body movements, and even posture

Want to see some tutorials? Check out this useful video!


Wedding Dancefloor Etiquette

On the dancefloor, there are some etiquettes to observe whether you’re the couple or guest. See some of them below.

  • For the first dance, choose your best love song. One that speaks to you and best describes your relationship.
  • If you’ve got a long dress or train, detach it for the reception. If it’s not detachable, bustle it so you don’t rip it or fall.
  • Practice until you have your dance routine at your fingertips.
  • Put on comfortable shoes because it’s going to be a long evening.

Wedding Dance Order

For the reception, there’s a dance order. People now spice it up some things don’t change. See the traditional wedding dance order.

  • After the couple and everyone else enters the venue. The introductions happen and then the couple takes the first dance.
  • The next dance is the father-daughter dance, followed by the groom and mother of the bride dance.
  • The bride’s parents dance, the groom and his mom dances, then the groom’s parents dance.
  • The best man and other groomsmen dance with the bride, while the groom dances with the bridesmaids.
  • And at last, the guests grace the dancefloor with their killer moves. A time we all waited for.

Learning how to dance at a wedding is a necessary skill if you plan to dance your socks off. Not knowing how to dance can dampen your wedding experience. So in this post, you’ll see all the dance steps you need whether as a couple, guest, partnered or solo. And if you’re a man, we’ve got something tailored specifically for you. Learn how to dance and go and have a blast.