6 Main Rules How To Dance At A Wedding


Whether you took dancing classes as a child or not, you might be nervous about how to dance at a wedding, especially if it is your wedding. You will have to put some extra thought into your first dance, and when you have that initial step out of the way, everything else can flow naturally.


The dance is easily the most fun part of the wedding, and if you’re not prepared, the fun can just as easily slip into awkward. And so for some awesome wedding dance, the steps and tips below should be able to help, whether you’ll be taking dancing classes or not. A few couples opt for a full dance production that involves the entire wedding party; some of these tips might be helpful with that too. However, if you are leaning towards a more simple and traditional wedding dance, then try to heed to the following when dancing at a wedding.


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1. Choose a Song You Can Dance To

Asides choosing a song that you love and one that speaks to your relationship as a couple, it is important to choose one that you can dance to. This applies to your first dance wedding, but also to the father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, every single time that there will be dancing at the wedding. The songs need to be danceable; have a beat and a rhythm that can be followed easily for wedding dances bride and groom.

A great choice for a danceable song would be one that is not too long but is also neither too slow nor too fast. The song should be just the right tempo for whatever dance that you have chosen. Most songs have different versions, so check with your DJ that he has the right version of the song you have been practicing to so that there are no surprises. If the song is short and sweet, perhaps two or three minutes long, you can be sure that your guests do not get bored and you do not get tired as you move on to the next.

2. Learn the Basic Dance Position

The basic dance position shows you how to dance with a partner in a proper manner. This is usually the first step and allows you to lead or follow better and just flow through your dance steps easily. So, always keep your dance position in mind, learn it and get comfortable with it. Below are a few tips.

Leader: Places their right hand behind the left shoulder blade of their partner, basically cupping their partner’s shoulder. The right elbow should be up, with the elbow bone pointed out towards the right side.

Follower: Should have their left arm around their partner’s lifted arm, with their hand comfortably placed around their biceps.
Partners can now clasp their free hands together, keeping their arms up, with their elbows slightly pointed down and relaxed.

3. Practice Your Steps

After you have chosen your song and learned your dance position, it is time to practice your steps and learn how to dance for a wedding. Whether you are following steps from a video on the internet or DVD or taking classes, it is vital that you practice repeatedly until the dance becomes part of you. Learn it until you no longer have to think before taking the next step, or twirl or spin, or even think of your position.

Practicing will definitely make a huge difference, and when you get used to it, it will make things easier when you are in front of a crowd. Because dancing all on your own is much different from dancing in front of an audience when you will need the confidence of knowing what you’re doing, to pull it off.

4. Think of an Elegant Entrance

Your entrance is usually more important than your exit, as all eyes will be on you at this time. So, find a smooth and polished entrance that will work with your space and the dance sequence that you have chosen. This entrance sets the tone for the rest of your dance, so practice it just as much as you would the main dance itself.

5. Make it Interesting

Once you have your dance down pat and have learned it by rote, you might be more confident to add in a little extra. Make your dance interesting, jazz it up by adding a little spin here, a right turn there and a twirl somewhere else. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but you can time it in such a way that there is always something to keep it interesting and fun.

6. A Perfect End

The perfect way to end the first dance is always the dip. It will be a lot of fun for your guests, and also a great opportunity for your photographer to get the best photo of your dance.

A wedding bride and groom dance can be as simple or as complicated as the couple decides for it to be, especially when they’re not sure how to dance at a wedding. There are a number of factors that go into learning to dance for a wedding. How prepared the couple is if they have had dance classes before and if they have enough time to practice.

Some tips that could help the bride, no matter the type of dance, would be to wear shoes that are comfortable for dancing. If she’s used to wearing heels when dancing, then fine. If not, she can change into heels. Also, if her gown has a train, bustle it, so she is free to dance without falling. Your wedding will be recorded and photographed, so you need everything to be perfect, and this includes the dance. Follow these steps and you should be fine, and once you have perfected your steps, your dance should go without a hitch.