Wedding Dancefloor Rules For Your Reception


Getting sown is a given at your reception, but you may find that you need to make some wedding dance floor rules so that everyone has fun and no one gets hurt (although, there’s no guarantee there won’t be blisters). Here’s how to make sure your wedding dance floor is the happy place it’s supposed to be.

1. Ban Dance-Offs (Until After 10 PM)

You know it’s going to happen: one of your relatives is going to challenge another to match them move for move. Resign yourself to the fact that your wedding dance floor rules are going to have to cover this eventuality and try to keep the dance-off from happening until later in the evening. Your reception can be completely derailed by a bad dance-off, so the later you can make it happen, the better. Don’t forget, extra time means that the contestants are going to have more time to get a bit tipsy, which will make the dance-off even better when it’s played back on the wedding video.


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