Using Hair Extensions For Your Wedding Day Hairdo


Hair extensions have had a reputation for looking fake and unnatural. More recently, however, advances in hair extension construction and proper application techniques have made hair extensions an outstanding asset for brides wanting a special for their big day. Here are some points to consider when thinking about using hair extensions for your wedding hairstyle.


Lots of Great Benefits

One of the fastest-growing trends over the last couple of years has been the inclusion of hair extensions in wedding hairstyles. From stunning up-dos to soft styles that provide a perfect complement to your veil, hair extensions can give you the volume and length, as well as texture such as curls or soft waves, to create your perfect wedding hairdo. Here are some benefits of hair extensions.

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1. Added volume

If you have very fine hair, or it’s flat no matter what you do, you need some extra volume. Your stylist will add hair extensions to create a layered style that’s thick, full and beautiful.


2. Extra length

It can be very hard and take a very long time to grow your hair out properly. If you don’t have that kind of time (or patience), hair extensions may be the answer to your not-so-long hair woes. Extensions can be employed to give you the length you want and help you create a stunning wedding hairstyle.


3. Varied texture

The texture of your hair can be very important for your wedding day hairdo. Hair extensions give you the ability to have a versatile style that’s smooth, healthy-looking and free of frizz.


4. Personalized Color

Your new extensions are colored using non-chemical colorants. The perfect shade to match your hair is most likely readily available; if not, it can be special-ordered before your big bay.

Applying Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are typically pre-bonded using a keratin-based protein; they’re attached to your own hair using heat bonding, or through the use of an ultrasonic technique.  You should be aware that only 70% of them will be the same color as your natural hair. The other 30% of them will be divided equally between highlights and lowlights.

If you’ll be having your hair colored for your wedding, it should be performed about two weeks before your wedding day; your extensions should be placed at the same time. Most wedding professionals advise that you don’t try a new color for your wedding; you’ll probably be happiest with your own color or something very close to it. If you’re not having color, plan to have your extensions applied about a week before the wedding.  Whatever you do, try extensions at least four months before the wedding, and have at least 40 strands placed, so that you have a better idea of how you look with them, and whether or not you’ll need more strands or less for your wedding hairdo.