6 Lovely Wedding Headpiece Ideas


Healthy, glossy hair looks beautiful on its own especially when you let it down and keep it unadorned. However, such simplicity will not do when you happen to be the bride. Your wedding entails that you should sport a headpiece in order to show that you are the most important person around. What should it be though? A conventional veil, a pair of pretty hair clips or simply a wreath of flowers? The choice is limitless. You can definitely expect a bit of help though by checking out the lovely wedding headpiece ideas described below.

1. Flowers

You can never go wrong by saying it with flowers. Yes, display your joy to the world by wearing a crown of flowers on your head. Fresh blooms interwoven with greenery can make you a perfect fall bride as you walk down the aisle with flowers in your hair.

You can choose to be different of course by placing floral blooms on your hair, held together with pins. Interweaving your braid with delicate and scented flowers can also accentuate your apparel in a unique way. Gardenia, anemones, a whiff of baby’s breath, blue hydrangea or a big flaming dahlia, every flower can stand on its own by finding its way into your headpiece on your wedding day.


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