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48 Our Favorite Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair


Photo 13-15: Braids For Long Hair

Your wedding ceremony season will have a fairly significant influence over your wedding hairstyle choice. Spring and Summer weddings go together perfectly with flower adornments. Romance reigns supreme with long flowing curls and braids. Dutch braids, French braids, fishtail braids – the options are limitless.
Expert tips:
1) Loose braids look especially good on a boho-chic bride. You can add a wavy texture to your hair, using a curling or flat iron.
2) Braid crowns look fresh and flattering on most types of hair. Start weaving two braids from your temples, connecting them in the back for that innocent romantic look.
3) The key to the ultimate boho look is to get lots of volume in your hair before you even begin the braid.
Weave in some flowers for a stunning fairy-tale princess styled hair-do.

Source: hairandmakeupbysteph via Instagram, ameliahairandmakeup via Instagram, modernsalon via Instagram


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