5 Tips For Growing Beautiful Wedding Day Hair


Growing and maintaining long hair can be an agonizing process for any woman, and growing beautiful wedding day hair comes with added stress and a firm deadline that can make the task seem that much more daunting. If you’re looking to add some extra length to your locks before the big day, try these tips:


1. Stay Healthy, Physically and Mentally

This is an important thing to remember for life in general but is especially necessary when it comes to growing beautiful wedding day hair. Stress and poor nutrition can cause many health problems, including weak nails and loss of hair. Make sure to eat well, exercise, and take deep breaths where needed so that your body and your mind will work with you, not against you.


2. Reduce Heat Treatments

While they make your hair look great in the short run, flat irons, curlers, and blow dryers fry your ends and weaken your hair at the core, increasing the likelihood for split ends and breakage. Cutting down on your use of heated tools can make your growing hair last longer and feel more moisturized for the big day.


3. Trim Regularly

Getting your hair cut regularly feels counterproductive, but regular trims are the most effective treatment for dry and damaged hair. By trimming off-dry or splitting ends, you can save the rest of your length for later, and your hair will be more accepting of conditioners and other products. Constant visits to hair care experts can also help you to maintain your growing beautiful wedding day hair, as your stylist can share tips and diagnose any potential problems as they occur.


4. Preserve Moisture and Condition Regularly

The further away from your scalp, your hair grows, the less access it has to your natural oils, and the drier and less nourished it becomes. Regular shampoo strips hair of its moisture and hair experts are recommending more and more that women decrease the frequency with which they wash their hair. Try going one or two days between washes, using dry shampoo to control unwanted sheen without sacrificing moisture.You can also employ leave-in conditioners and hair oils, or switch to conditioner-only washing, to add moisture to dry ends that struggle to receive the benefit of natural moisture.


5. Supplement Your Diet

There are many vitamins and supplements available that specifically target hair and nail growth and health, and adding these to your diet can greatly improve your hair’s thickness, strength, and growth rate. After consulting with your physician and researching any possible negative reactions, incorporate more biotin, omega oils, and vitamins such as folic acid to your diet.  Nutrient deficiency is one of the leading reasons some people struggle to grow long, beautiful hair, and the addition of these supplements can be the key to growing beautiful wedding day hair that will blow you and your loved ones away.