wedding hairstyles half up half down with curls and braid featured

30 Wedding Hairstyles Half Up Half Down With Curls And Braid


The half up half down hairstyles look great on the bride at all times. Feminine and gentle with curls down, this hairstyle is suitable for any type of face and any wedding style. Add some braids and you will look natural and cute. We have collected for you the most original wedding hairstyles half up half down with curls and braid ideas from around the Internet.


Photo 1-3: Wedding Hairstyles Half Up Half Down With Curls And Braid

Source: sartakovastudio via Facebook, Rachel Solomon Photography, samoylenko_makeup via Instagram

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Photo 4-6: Half Up Half Down With Soft Braided Texture

Source: Elstile via Instagram, penteadossonialopes via Instagram, penteadossonialopes via Instagram


Photo 7-9: Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Stylish Brides

Source: via Instagram, emilyrosehannon via Instagram, svglamour via Instagram


Photo 10-12: Sweet Braided Ideas

Source:  verafursova via Instagram, heidimariegarrett via Instagramhair_by_zolotaya via Instagram


Photo 13-15: Half Up Half Down With Braided Crown

Source: caraclyne.bridal via Instagrambelaya_lyudmila via Instagram, McCune Photography

Photo 16-18: Wedding Hairstyles With French Braid

Source: bridal_hairstylist via Instagrammoonlightbraids via Instagramxenia_stylist via Instagram


Photo 19-21: Bohemian Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Source: hair_by_zolotaya via Instagram, victoria_h_a_i_r via Instagramsamoylenko_makeup via Instagram

Photo 22-24: Hairstyles For Rustic Brides

Source: caraclyne.bridal via Instagramjessicascotthair via Instagram, thestyleroomgc via Instagram


Photo 25-27: Trendy Half Up Half Down Wedding Ideas

Source: braidsbyjordan via Instagramstyles_by_reneemarie via Instagram, xenia_stylist via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Messy Braids In Wedding Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Source: zuhra_sullieva via Instagram, samoylenko_makeup via Instagram, ashandcobridalhair via Instagram

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